The Trust

Musical Score By: Reza Safinia

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


               In the crime drama, The Trust, Sergeant David Waters (Elijah Wood) and Lieutenant Jim Stone (Nicolas Cage) work in the Evidence Management division of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  As often happens, the two officers are disillusioned with their job and find it hard to make ends meet on their salaries.  The two have developed some not so savory ways to make money on the side, but it never seems to be enough…until Stone hears about a low-level drug dealer who somehow manages to pay off his high bail with a cashier’s check.  They decide to use their police skills to investigate the source of this criminal’s windfall and take it for themselves, but when they find it, will they want it?

               The musical score of The Trust was created by British film producer, songwriter, producer and composer Reza Safinia.  Prior to working in film, Safinia worked with a number of notable performers, such as Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Freestylers and Ms Dynamite.  He is also co-founder of the UK indie label Illa State Records, among the pioneers of UK urban music.  Influenced by both classical music and indie rock, Safinia’s musical scores are often a fusion of multiple genres.  Some of his film composing credits include the musical score of Filly Brown, Mercy, The Bounce Back, Vital Signs and Warrior.

               The Trust Soundtrack features a number of different musical styles.  The score begins with The Trust Theme, an upbeat and quirky track, perhaps speaking to the monotony of Stone and Waters’ job and the crazy way in which they attempt to secure a little side dough.  The following track, The Train, contains music performed in a fast tempo, reminiscent of the sounds a train makes as it goes over the tracks.  Bakery is the first time this soundtrack starts to take on an ominous tone, beginning low and dark, but taking on an edgy sound with heavy percussion towards the end.  Cracking the Safe has a sense of intensity and a tempo like that of a ticking clock.

               True to his usual composing nature, Reza Safinia created a score with multiple textures for The Trust.  The result is an interesting and quirky sound that expresses the tedium of the officers’ jobs, their lack of judgment and the dramatic situation they find themselves in.  The Trust Soundtrack makes for quite an interesting listen.


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