Romantic Comedy

The Ugly Truth

Distributed by: Columbia Pictures

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a brilliant television morning show producer.  She can handle any emergency without breaking a sweat.  Unfortunately, her morning show’s ratings are tanking.  Enter Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) a crass and cynical individual whose local cable access show about relationships has been generating much talk among television executives.  Faced with the possibility of cancellation, Abby’s boss hires Mike Chadway to do a segment on Abby’s morning show as a possible ratings booster. 

            Abby finds Mike to be grating and chauvinistic, but in the interest of saving her morning show, she agrees to work with him.  Unfortunately, Mike has decided that he should get involved with Abby’s personal life.  Believing that her control freak attitude is stunting her love life, Mike offers to help Abby land her idea of the perfect man.  Abby begrudgingly agrees.  But as Abby gets closer to the man she has always dreamed of being with, she finds herself realizing that the man she really wants has been in front of her all along.

            The Ugly Truth is not exactly a chick flick.  That’s right guys, I said that this movie does not exactly fit the chick flick genre.  However, if you’re looking for explosions or machine guns, you won’t find them here.  What you will find is a romantic comedy that will actually appeal to both sexes.  It portrays relationships in a way that offers both the male and the female point of view.  It also offers up an important lesson - becoming someone else in an effort to land a hot guy/girl will only result in a let down for both you and your partner.  That person will only value the person you’re pretending to be and not the real you.  You’re also cheating yourself by not allowing yourself to be loved for who you are.

            Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler are excellent in this film and portray their roles in an incredibly believable fashion.  I love Katherine Heigl.  She portrays my favorite character in Grey’s Anatomy and I haven’t watched a movie she has been in that I didn’t enjoy.  I was surprised to discover that Gerard Butler has a true knack for comedy, having only seen him in dramatic roles.  His timing and expression are perfect for the genre and I would love to see him pursue more comedic roles in the future.

            Although Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler are the real stars of this film, scene stealers include Eric Winter (for the hotness of his body and not because he has any tremendous amount of acting skills) and Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins as the hilarious co-anchors of Abby’s morning show.  Married to each other, these co-anchors seem to despise one another until Mike comes along and shows them the errors of their ways.  These two weren’t focused on much, but each time we do get to see them, you can’t help but laugh at their antics.

            I would sum The Ugly Truth up as an enjoyable romantic comedy, very When Harry Met Sally in nature, that has something for men and women.  The cast of actors are great and rather easy on the eyes and the laughs are aplenty.  Anyone who has ever been in a relationship will enjoy this film.


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