The Void

Musical Score By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the Canadian horror film, The Void, Aaron Poole is Daniel Carter, a police officer who discovers a blood-soaked man limping along the highway and drives him to a local hospital.  As the building becomes surrounded by mysterious hooded cultists, Carter, his estranged wife Allison (Kathleen Munroe) and the bare bones staff find themselves trapped inside with patients and staff alike who have now gone ravenously insane.  Struggling to protect the survivors, Carter leads them deeper into the hospital, only to discover the gateway to the evil lurking within.

                The music found on The Void Soundtrack was created by various artists, including Jeremy Gillepsie, Brian Wiacek, Menalon, Blitz//Berlin and more.  As soon as you take a listen to the first track, Nowhere, you immediately realize this film is of the horror/sci-fi genre.  Electric guitars and synths feature heavily and there are tons of horror cues, such as screeching violins, disjointed sounds, chanting voices and ominous undertones.  The music rises in crescendo as things become scarier in the film, culminating in a song, Going to See the King by Jahmeel Russell, Amy de Blois, Darrell Simpson and Jeremy Gillespie.  The scratchy track (which sounds like an old record playing) is a hymn discussing meeting the Lord and how that will happen “by and by.”  Of course, this gives me little hope for the characters of the film, but it was quite an interesting way to end the album.

                This album will definitely cause the hairs on the back of your neck and arms to rise.  As you listen, you will have the urge to look over your shoulder as the ominous sounds surround you and the chanting voices are definitely going to give you the creeps.  As a background addition to the scary visuals of the story, this music definitely fits the bill. 


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