Movie Soundtrack

The Wild Soundtrack

Composed By: Alan Silvestri

Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



            Walt Disney’s The Wild is essentially a story about a relationship between a father and his son.  Lion cub Ryan feels as though he will never match up to the legend that is his father, Sampson.  Frustrated and wishing to fulfill his desire to go to “The Wild” so that he can learn how to be as courageous and powerful as his father, Sampson stows away in one of the transport cages.  Sampson and his friends, which include several zoo denizens, journey outside the gates of The New York Zoo to get Ryan back before he is lost forever.

            The Wild Soundtrack, distributed by Walt Disney Records, is a mixture of musical score and original song.  The CD opens with a remake of the rock classic Real Wild Child performed by Everlife.  The band is definitely geared towards kids and has been featured on several Disney albums.  This is followed by Good Enough by Lifehouse, a song that seemed destined to make this soundtrack: “What do I have to do / To try to make you see / That this is who I am / And its all that I can be / What do I have to do / To try to make you see / Trying to be like you / isn’t good enough for me.”  Big Time Boppin’ (Go Man Go) is a fun swing song by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Really Nice Day by Eric Idle and John Du Prez features a beat that brings to mind many a safari scene.  This particular song is featured on track four and is remixed for the finale (track fourteen). 

            The rest of the soundtrack is musical score created by award-winning composer Alan Silvestri (Forrest Gump, The Polar Express, Van Helsing, Tomb Raider, Mummy).  Silvestri is no stranger to Walt Disney records, having composed the musical score for such movies as Lilo and Stitch and The Parent TrapThe Wild is all about adventure and discovery and Silvestri’s musical score for the movie is exciting and adventurous.  It fits with the movie, but as a stand alone, the soundtrack is relatively unimpressive.  Some of the tracks contain sections that are incredibly reminiscent of those found on the Van Helsing soundtrack, which, in turn, are reminiscent of tracks found on the John Williams’ Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack.  This is not to say that the score of The Wild is a duplicate of any particular soundtrack.  Composers often use sections of their former works when creating whole musical pieces for other works.

            The bottom line question: Is The Wild Soundtrack worth the retail price of $18.98 U.S. dollars?  Children will enjoy the original songs and the remake of Real Wild Child, but will be bored by the musical score section which comprises most of the CD.  Adults will enjoy the songs and the score, but true music lovers will note that there is nothing all that special about the soundtrack.  Viewers of the movie will wonder why some of the movie’s songs were left off of the soundtrack altogether.  In short, unless you are a Disney soundtrack collector, you may want to wait for a bargain price reduction before you purchase this less-than-spectacular movie soundtrack.


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