Easy Listening

The Wolves of Tuonela

Artist: Marc Merilšinen

Produced by: Northern Hyms Music

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When I first was introduced to the music of Marc Merilšinen, it was through his newly formed band Nadjiwan.  His first project featured a mix of new music and the traditional sound of the Northern Native American Indian.  Nadjiwan became a major success in Canada and eventually worldwide.  Now, having put the Nadjiwan project to rest, Marc Merilšinen has decided to head in a new direction, exploring his Finnish and Ojibway ancestry through his music.  I was fortunate enough to receive a preview of his new EP, The Wolves of Tuonela.

            Containing six songs, The Wolves of Tuonela EP is definitely something new and innovative in the music world.  Combining Finnish folk guitar with instruments like the kantele and the jouhikko, Merilšinen creates a unique sound mixed with modern beats and stylings and overlaid with Aboriginal styled vocals.  In getting back to his roots, Merilšinen hopes to combine the best of both worlds, offering up both a cultural and spiritual experience.

            Listening to this EP, I found myself thinking, ďOh wow!  Now this is Marc Merilšinen at his best.Ē  I loved his earlier Nadjiwan music, but I think this new direction is the best one for Merilšinen.  It feels like he is truly in his element here and, being so, can create some incredible music you canít find anywhere else.  Mixing modern dance beats with Native American and Finnish folk sound - the result is simply an incredible listening experience. 

            Every song on the EP was unique and enjoyable both on a music and spiritual level.  I felt utterly at ease and relaxed while listening to each track.  The sound is soothing, yet exciting.  My favorite track is the title track, The Wolves of Tuonela, although I must say that I loved each and every one. 

            The interesting thing about this music is that there is a sense of purpose in each song.  If I were to use any of these tracks as background music for a film, I would place them in scenes in which the main character has come to some sort of realization about his/herself.  The music would also do well in scenes in which a character performs in a determined or motivated manner in which failure is not an option, the character digging down deep to access hidden resources to achieve his goal.

            Once again, Marc Merilšinen proves to us that he is mutli-dimensional and extremely creative in his musical direction.  Each path he takes, he somehow manages to shine, outdoing himself each and every time.  The Wolves of Tuonela is yet another path in which Marc Merilšinen will prove successful.  I am completely enchanted by this music and canít wait to see what else Merilšinen will produce along these lines.  Keep the music coming!  I canít wait to hear more!

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