Movie Soundtrack

Things We Lost In The Fire

Composed by: Gustavo Santoalalla & Johan Soderqvist

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Michael and Audrey Burke are a happily married couple with two children, living the American dream, until tragedy strikes.  Michael (David Duchovny) is struck down in a random act of violence, leaving Audrey (Halle Berry) to cope with the death of her beloved husband and father of her children.  She takes in Jerry Sunborne (Benicio Del Toro), Michael’s closest friend since childhood, in hopes that they can aide each other in their shared loss.  Jerry, however, has other demons lurking within – he suffers from a severe drug addiction.  As time passes, Jerry’s role as surrogate father to the Burke children helps him overcome his inner demons and find peace.  Things We Lost in the Fire is a movie about love, loss, acceptance and hope.

            Famed Argentinean composer Gustavo Santoalalla, known for his work on The Motorcycle Diaries, Babel and Brokeback Mountain soundtracks, and Swedish composer Johan Soderqvist, known for his award winning composition for the movie The Brothers, come together to compose the musical score for Things We Lost in the Fire.  The subject matter of the film fairly demands a dark, heart-wrenching soundtrack and Santoalalla and Soderqvist deliver exactly that in this 30-track composition.  As in The Motorcycle Diaries, Santoalalla relies heavily on the guitar and Latin music to outline the sorrow in Audrey’s life.  Soderqvist adds a more classical feel to the soundtrack with horns, piano and other classical instruments. 

            The pain and suffering coursing through the characters at the loss of Michael is made abundantly clear throughout the soundtrack.  Tracks that deal with Jerry’s struggle with his drug addiction are hauntingly poignant.  This soundtrack of Things We Lost in the Fire perfectly reflects the mood of the film.  It is hauntingly sad throughout most of the composition and yet, rays of hopeful music peak through closer to the end as Audrey and Jerry find a way to deal with their loss and move on.

            Things We Lost in the Fire is a beautifully composed soundtrack.  If you are looking for a soundtrack composed with a mixture of Latin and classical composition, Things We Lost in the Fire is exactly what you are looking for.  However, I would not recommend this soundtrack to anyone who can’t handle sorrowful music.  If you’re looking for something upbeat, this is definitely not the soundtrack for you.


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