Christian Pop/Rock

Third Confession

A MySpace Find

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I often surf the web and discover bands that have a different and often times exciting new sound.  Unfortunately, many such bands go unsigned for years, some folding before they ever get the chance to become something bigger than just your local band.  Itís sad really.  So many up-and-coming signed bands have the same sound and why not?  Most companies are looking for their next Brittney, Good Charlotte or Backstreet Boys, proven money makers.  If they can get hold of the same talent, itís a no-brainer just how much money these companies stand to make. 

            But what about the talents that are left behind?  What happens to the small-town band just looking for a chance to have their music heard by more than a bar full of local fans?  Iíve found that MySpace is filled with such talent just waiting to be signed Ė talent with new styles, different sounds and more going for them.  They just need a chance.  One such MySpace find is the Christian Pop/Rock band called Third Confession.

            Third Confession is a family affair from Tampa, Florida consisting of Lexi Allen (drums, keyboards, programming/sequencing and vocals), her husband Hunter Allen (keyboards, guitars, bass and vocals) and her sister Brynna Scott (keyboards, guitar and vocals).  The group started out playing mainstream cover pop and rock music wherever they could get a gig lined up.  Eventually, the group began introducing original songs into their shows.  Each member of the band is a talented lyricist as well as a musician.  Lexi, Hunter and Brynna used personal experiences in writing the lyrics to their songs and, before long, the mainstream format had evolved into something new.  It had become something more faith-inspired.  Thus, a new Christian pop/rock band was born.

            Third Confessionís music is not like anything you would expect from a Christian rock band.  Their music is infused with beats and sounds reminiscent of 90ís dance music.  Checking out the music posted on their MySpace page, two songs in particular stand out.  Alive, urges everyone to forget their differences and just celebrate life, a very inspirational message for a very catchy song.  My personal favorite is Amen (Live).  Brynna Scottís vocals in this song are powerfully captivating.  The beats supplied by Lexi on drums and Hunter on keyboards are phenomenal.  Amenís message is perfectly clear Ė the singer has gone through a process of searching and re-discovering herself with the help of Christ.  The lyrics are catchy and the song is what actually brought me to this band in the first place.  While surfing, I came upon one of the membersí pages and was met by this powerful song and thought, ďWhoís this band, Third Confession?Ē 

            Now that Iíve learned more about the band and their music, I can honestly say that Third Confession deserves some more attention from the members of the music industry.  There are plenty of Christian radio stations out there who would certainly benefit from Third Confessionís sound.  Check them out at their MySpace page - and see if you donít agree with me.

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