Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

Writer: Robert Rodi

Illustrator: Esad Ribic

Distributed By: Marvel Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                With all the hype about the recent Thor movie, I realized that I really havenít read any Thor comic books.  This surprised me because I am a fan of Marvel Comics and a fan of mythology, making this series something that I should be checking out.  I decided to start with a 2004 graphic novel called .Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers.

                Covering issues 1-4 of Loki, Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers features an Asgard in which Loki has finally gained control.  Having defeated Thor in battle, Loki is cleared to rule Asgard as he will, but he didnít account for all that would mean.  All of the allies who got him to where he is now want their due.  There is the security of Asgard to think about as well. 

And what to do with Thor?  Hela wants Thorís soul and just about everyone Loki talks to Ė ally or foe - thinks he is about to execute Thor, but is that actually what Loki really wants to do.  As Loki mulls over what to do with Thor, he reveals that all he ever truly wanted was some acceptance.  Thorís girlfriend, Sif, constantly rebuked and made fun of him.  Balder did something worse Ė he ignored Loki altogether.  Now, also in prison, Balder reveals that his trip through Hell showed him a multitude of Lokis, Thors and Balders in all shapes and forms.  The one thing that was always the same about every Loki he saw was that he was never a ruler of men.

Shortly before making a decision about Thor, Loki confronts his adopted father, scorning him for killing his own father in battle.  As they talk, Loki makes his case for how he turned out to be the hated son and Thor was made a hero thanks to Odinís constant belittling of Loki.  In Lokiís opinion, he was made out to be the lesser son, his lack of warrior skill brought to the forefront to elevate Thor in the people of Asgardís eyes.

After deciding to put Thor to death, Loki begins to wonder if he is making the right decision, especially after running into his birth mother just prior to the execution.  Loki begins to realize that only one person had ever offered Loki the love and friendship he craved Ė Thor.  The realization hits Loki hard, but not as hard as Thor when he finally is free.

I read this graphic novel on a Kindle Fire and was highly entertained.  I loved the way the comic panels moved cinematically and the art Ė man, what a treat.  The artwork was incredibly detailed and realistic.  The storyline was quite interesting as well.  Years have gone by with Loki and Thor at odds thanks to Lokiís jealousy of his brother.  It takes a moment of desperation to bring about a moment in clarity for Loki Ė a realization that all he craved was standing before him and he shunned it, allowing others to turn Thor against him thanks to Lokiís own actions.  Itís something of a redemption moment for Loki and I wonder how the rest of the series plays out Ė will Loki turn that moment into a lifetime of working beside Thor for the greater good, or will he squander the opportunity and return to his old trickster self?

I found Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers to be incredibly entertaining and a great help in giving me insight into the relationship of Loki and Thor, the reasons behind the animosity felt by Loki and more.  This was a great read and it has inspired me to read more Thor graphic novels in the future.


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