From the Desk of Natasia:

Thoughts of Spring

by Natasia Minners

            Ah, the joys of Spring…and the horrors!  My relationship with the season known as Spring is somewhat the same as my relationship with Thanksgiving.  It’s a love/hate thing.  And yet, I can't deny that Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

            First, let’s discuss the love.  This is the time of year when it starts to get warm outside and, even though I dare not venture out of my safe domain into the harsh outdoors, I can appreciate the warmth right from my seat at my favorite window.  During the Winter, my favorite spot can be rather drafty, but at this time of year, I can enjoy the warmth of the sun as I watch the world wake up from its winter hibernation.  And I can see everything thanks to the fact that the trees and foliage are just starting to bud, leaving ample space between branches, bushes and grass blades for a kitty to observe all the nuances of the awakening outdoor wildlife.

            This year, the first indication that Spring had sprung came in the form of studly kitties strolling back and forth in front of my favorite window.  Now, usually I just chase these naughty boys away, but this year, I found the male kitty visitors to be somewhat intriguing.  There’s just something about a studly male kitty out in the wild that attracts me…a bad boy quality that I have recently found rather attractive. 

            Not that I care much, but my human has found great joy in watching me play with my friends, offering names to each of the suitors who stroll by.  She thinks it rather funny that I race out of the window, circling around furniture only to race back to the window.  I’ll never understand humans.  Can’t she see that this is a ritual enjoyed by all…well, most…of my male counterparts. 

            Scruffy, as my human has named him, is a one-year-old stray who first began his courting by rolling himself all over our doormat, leaving me tufts of his hair as a token of his love.  Handsome Boy is slightly older, sleek, black Adonis with a more dignified way of courting me.  But he still has his playful side, rolling around on the concrete outside our door, right in front of the human.  And then, there is my latest conquest, a home-schooled kitty, all white with spots of orangey-brown here and there.  My human has yet to find a name for this stud, but she did have a lovely time watching as we chatted with one another, until he left the best gift of all - his scent gently sprayed in front of my window.  For some reason, I could tell she wasn’t too pleased with that even though she laughed about it.

            Yes, Spring brings many enjoyable moments to a kitty in a window.  There are tons of animals and little people bouncing around, running to and fro, often doing rather silly things and never suspecting that they are providing hours of amusement for an indoor cat Insects provide the most fun of all, darting here and there.  I sometimes forget that they are outside and I am on the other side of the glass.  They are just so enticing with their quick movements and, being a huntress at heart, I can’t help but try to pounce on them, smacking my paws…and sometimes my entire body…into the glass to try to capture them.

            Of course, Spring does have its drawbacks.  First of all, there are these humans with noisy contraptions who start coming by quite often this time of year.  Oh, they are around in the winter, but they usually only show up after it snows.  However, in the Spring, these fools show up a lot, using these noisy tools that hurt my ears and scare the heck out of me, making me want to jump out of my fur!  The minute I hear them coming I find a nice, quiet spot to hide - usually under the covers of my human’s bed.

            Second on my list of things I dislike about Spring are the thunderstorms.  I can handle a little rain and a flash of light here and there, but those loud rumblings are just enough to give a kitty heart failure!  I never know where to go when those things hit.  Of course, being the evil and sadistic thing that she is, my human finds it rather hysterical as I freeze in my tracks at the hint of thunder and then proceed to race around trying to hide from that loud rumbling sound.  Hmph!  Someday I’ll repay her for those peels of laughter as I flee the evil thunderstorm!

            The final and most detestable thing on my list of Spring dislikes are the birds.  These evil beings are the banes of my existence.  They flit around from here to there, whistling their tunes on a daily basis.  Some are nice to look at, but most are evil.  They sit in branches taunting me with their songs.  Worst of all, knowing that I can’t get to them, they will sometimes swoop down and peck outside my window.  Infuriating, worm-eating bags of feathers!  Ooh, how I wish that I could get my paws on one of you for just a few seconds.  You’d be whistling a different tune then, wouldn’t you?!

            But, despite these few complaints, I really do love Spring for its beauty and intrigue.  A kitty can get tired of looking at barren trees and walkways and we certainly do not like cold weather.  Spring offers us a great deal to look at as the world outside is reborn.  I can’t wait for the things my human calls fireflies to take flight outside my window - they’re an awful lot of fun.  And of course, the coming of Spring also means that Summer is around the corner…and that means birthday presents aren’t far behind…heh, heh, heh.  Yes, Spring, you get the Natasia Seal of Kitty Approval as being one of the more enjoyable seasons of the year.

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