Artist: The O's

Produced by: Punch Five Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The duo known as The Os had been spending time in a variety of Dallas, Texas bands before coming together in 2008 to create their own band.  Comprised of Taylor Young on vocals, acoustic guitar and kick drum and John Pedigo on vocals and banjo, The Os produced two albums, We Are the Os and Between the Two, on Idol Records before releasing their third album, Thunderdog, on their own label in July 2013.

            The music of The Os is catchy, featuring a pop/folk sound mixed with a little country.  Their sound is reminiscent of bands like Mumford & Sons and the Water Tower Bucket Boys with twanging banjos, thumping kick drums, acoustic guitars, harmonica and that twang in the vocals. 

            Thunderdog as an album is primarily a great deal of stomping, hillbilly fun from the very first track.  Young and Pedigo take turns on lead vocals offering up a bit of variety in the singing department.  The music is foot-stomping fun for the most part - there are a couple of slower tracks like You Are the Light and Lighten the Load, but I would exactly call them ballads.  I loved the sound of the banjo taking center stage with the kick drum.  And when that harmonica comes inoh man, things really start to pick up.

            I challenge anyone to listen to Thunderdog and not find themselves stomping their feet to the beat of that kick drum or plucking an air banjo.  Thunderdog is a great deal of fun to listen to and The Os appear to be a duo worth keeping an eye out for with a fresh sound that makes you want to clap your hands and stamp your feet.


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