Time to Grow

Artist: Jia Ruhan

Produced by: Silva Classics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            I love receiving music to review for G-POP.net, especially when I receive music that I ordinarily might never have listened to were it not for this website.  Such is the case with Time to Grow, Jia Ruhanís debut album.

            The Chinese soprano known as Jia Ruhan began her musical career quite early, learning to play the piano at the age of four.  Over the next decade, Ruhan performed in operas, musicals, film and television.  She studied singing at the Chinese Conservatory of Music and majored in bel-canto (a sophisticated style of operatic singing) at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.  Best known for her performance in Damon Albarnís Chinese rock-opera Monkey: Journey To The West, Jia Ruhan also performed the theme song for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Dao Zai Fan Ye on Christopher Tinís award winning album, Calling All Dawns.

            Her debut album, Time to Grow, showcases Ruhanís range as a performer and her vocals accompany music that combines Chinese musical concepts with those of the Western world.  The album contains twelve of the most beautiful tracks I have ever heard.  Most importantly, ten of the twelve tracks are in a language that I know next to nothing about - Chinese.  I say this is important, because, not knowing a word this woman was singing, I found immense beauty in each and every performance.

            Jia Ruhanís voice is incredibly beautiful whether she is reaching operatic heights as a soprano as in Time to Grow, or performing a more Western styled pop song like No Me Without You.  There is an immense amount of emotion in her singing and one can tell that she is completely invested in every single track.  The last two songs of the album are English versions of two earlier tracks, Time to Grow and Dancing on a Rainbow.  My favorite is Dancing on a Rainbow which is a beautiful love song in Chinese and converts quite well to English.

            I had honestly never heard of Jia Ruhan before receiving this soundtrack, which is why Iím so happy I write music reviews for G-POP.net.  I may have never had the opportunity to sample this womanís music.  Jia Ruhan has an amazing voice and Time to Grow is the perfect vehicle to establish Ruhan as an up and coming artist.  I look forward to hearing more from Jia Ruhan in the future!


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