The Time Traveler's Wife

Musical Score By: Mychael Danna

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: New Line Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Based on a novel by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Travelerís Wife stars Eric Bana as Henry DeTamble, a Chicago librarian with a disorder that causes him to time travel at random.  Despite this disorder, he embarks on a long term relationship with artist Claire Abshire (Rachel McAdams).  Despite the fact that Henry often disappears for long periods of time from Claireís life, they are determined to make their marriage work.

            The Time Travelerís Wife features songs by various artists and a musical score created by Canadian composer Mychael Danna.  Danna has worked on musical scores for both television and film, including Dollhouse, 500 Days of Summer, Lakeview Terrace, Little Miss Sunshine and more.

            The musical score of The Time Travelerís Wife features some rather beautiful orchestral compositions accompanied by disjointed sounds such as metal clanking and bell-like resonances which take away from the beauty of the original composition.  Often times one hears a melody that sounds like a resonant piano or perhaps a harpsichord.  Most of the music is rather sad or actually ominous with a few lighthearted pieces representing happy moments in the time travelerís life to break the dark tones up. 

            The songs featured on this album are also a bit dark in nature.  Love Will Tear Us Apart by Broken Social Scene contains haunting music and lyrics.  Broken by Lifehouse is actually a bit more upbeat of a love song and yet the version present on the album leaves much to be desired.

            I think that The Time Travelerís Wife Soundtrack falls short in stand alone value.  As an accompaniment to the visuals on the movie screen, this soundtrack might actually work, but as a stand alone album, it leaves one flat.  This is an album that will probably collect much dust on the shelves of your local record store.


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