G-POP's Top Ten Articles


Welcome to G-POP's Top Ten page!  These are the most requested articles and the top ten staff picks for the month of February 2018:


Top Ten Requested Articles

1. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

2. After Almost 50 Years, Gino's Cafe Says Goodbye

3. Planet 51

4. Sins of the Sisters

5. Without Evidence

6. Epic Themes II

7. WEW: Women's Extreme Wrestling Volumes 1 - 4

8. Love & Basketball: The Movie and What it Meant to Me

9. Class Act: The Movie Or The Book: Pride and Prejudice

10. Jagged Little Pill


Top Ten Staff Picks

1. Asia Pulp Cinema Takes Vanity to the Extreme

2. The Notebook

3. Samurai Guard

4. The Last Secret of Mussolini

5. Hydrogen Child - Super Water Sympathy

6. Crashbox Rocks Hard in the Bronx

7. The Last Quarrel: The Complete Edition

8. Mirrormask

9. The Kill Room

10. The Dead Walk Again