G-POP's Top Ten Articles


Welcome to G-POP's Top Ten page!  These are the most requested articles and the top ten staff picks for the month of December 2017:


Top Ten Requested Articles

1. After Almost 50 Years, Gino's Cafe Says Goodbye

2. The History Channel Magazine

3. Star Wars Short Stories: In His Image & Two-Edged Sword

4. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

5. Without Evidence

6. Brown Sugar: The Movie and What it Meant to Me

7. Sins of the Sisters

8. Star Wars: Eruption

9. CMA Country Christmas 2016

10. Reading with Patrick


Top Ten Staff Picks

1. Game of Death II

2. Tyler Perry: Movies with Heart

3. Family Guy: Blue Harvest

4. Why Smallville Would Be Better Without Clark

5. Into The Wild Original Score

6. Badseed's Bottomline #333: Badseedís Brethren Get a Voice

7. Furiously Happy

8. 6th Annual Raising Kings and Queens Hip Hop Concert

9. The Last Herald-Mage Series

10. Oliver Twist