G-POP's Top Ten Articles


Welcome to G-POP's Top Ten page!  These are the most requested articles and the top ten staff picks for the month of April 2019:


Top Ten Requested Articles

1. El Complot Mongol

2. Fried Green Tomatoes

3. Pac-Man Fever

4. Captain Marvel

5. Grandview - Life Under the Sun

6. The Amazing Race: Family Edition

7. Cobra Kai

8. The Forbidden Door

9. Perfect Blue

10. Saving Meghan





Top Ten Staff Picks

1. K7 - Swing Batta Swing

2. Mortal Kombat

3. Jet Li's Fearless

4. Bunny Suicides

5. College Road Trip

6. First Impressions: Drive

7. X-Men: The Ultimate Guide

8. Sausage Party

9. Halo 3: ODST

10. Random Acts of Ismael: Bone to the Grind