Torchwood: Children of Earth

Composed By: Ben Foster

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In 2006, a British science fiction drama called Torchwood premiered on BBC television.  The series is centered around the Cardiff branch of the Torchwood Institute, a branch that mainly deals with extraterrestrial incidents.  The series was a spin-off of another popular BBC series called Dr. Who.  The show was eventually aired in the United States on the BBC America Channel to rave reviews.  A five part series was aired in 2009 entitled Torchwood: Children of Earth.  This third season of Torchwood revolves around an extraterrestrial incident involving children all over the world.

            The musical score of Torchwood: Children of Earth was composed by Ben Foster, a British composer best known for his work as orchestrator and conductor on Dr. Who and as composer for the Torchwood series.  Foster has also worked on large budget films, composing musical scores for The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Is Anybody There? and Hoodwinked 2.

            The Torchwood: Children of Earth Soundtrack is divided into five sections - one for each episode - Days One through Five.  Having never watched Torchwood before, I was unsure as to what sort of musical score I was faced with.  As soon as I popped the CD into the player, I was immediately struck by the style of music.  Judging by the pace of the music and the orchestral sound, I came to the conclusion that Torchwood must contain a high amount of action.  This was a musical score that caused your blood to start pumping and adrenaline to flow.  There was also a very noticeable theme going on involving a series of notes that were repeated quite often in the first 20 tracks.

            In Track 21, The World Looks to the Skies (Day Three), this action-packed composition rises to the ultimate crescendo, giving the listener an idea that something epic is happening.  Then things become a bit calmer, the periods of action, heart-racing sound showing up here and there, but a tad tamer until the end of Day Five.

            I must say that, despite the daunting amount of tracks contained on this CD, the Torchwood: Children of Earth Soundtrack actually played out fairly quickly.  Most of the tracks are only a minute or two in length, and those that are longer are so fast-paced and enjoyable that you barely notice the time passing.  The soundtrack was highly enjoyable and provided perfect enjoyment as a stand alone album.  I can be perfectly honest about this statement as I truly enjoyed the Torchwood: Children of the Earth Soundtrack simply as a stand alone album, having never seen the music combined with the visuals of the series.  Kudos to Ben Foster for his creation which is bound to make Torchwood fans everywhere very happy.


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