Alternative Rock

To the Face

Artist: Liquor Boxx

Distributed by: Refugee Entertainment, LLC

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Liquor Boxx is a quartet based out of Chicago featuring Kevin Mace on vocals, Martin Farrelly on bass, Patrick Creedon on guitars and Johnny “Drama” Stoneking on drums.  Heavily influenced by classic and alternative rock, Liquor Boxx’s sound is a blend of both worlds.  The band created such a buzz in local venues that numerous independent labels expressed interest in signing them.  To the Face is the debut album by Liquor Boxx under the Refugee Entertainment, LLC label.

            The music found on To the Face is amazing – this album represents a rock and roll experience that has long been missing from mainstream radio.  In fact, it would seem that the focus of this album is to showcase Liquor Boxx’s musical talents.  Vocals are secondary on this album, but really, who cares with such incredible guitar riffs and rocking beats.  The press information supplied for the band states that Liquor Boxx is suitable for fans of Jet, Buckcherry, Black Crowes, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  I would go as far to say that any fan of the classic rock era would be extremely happy to own a copy of To the Face

            Getting back to the limited vocals found on this album  - the vocals supplied by Kevin Mace on To the Face actually add to the classic rock feel.  Think The Doors’ Jim Morrison meets Jimi Hendrix meets the Black Crowes.  Kevin Mace’s vocals are right on par with the classic rock meets alternative rock venue of the band. 

            Patrick Creedon really steals the show in To the Face with his incredible guitar solos.  My favorite track on the album – Tomorrow – features Creedon prominently in a solo that is reminiscent of Pearl Jam's sound.  The guitar solo is what attracted me to the song.  The first couple of seconds, I was simply glued to the CD player wondering where he was going to go with it.

            To the Face is a fun journey between retro and today’s rock.  I can definitely see a future for this band and hope they get some play time on mainstream radio.  Word has it that they have been on a lengthy tour, traveling from coast to coast, playing over 220 shows in over 175 venues.  That ought to get the word out about their music. 

            But if you really want to know what Liquor Boxx is all about, you simply have to hear them for yourselves.  Check out Liquor Boxx’s debut album To the Face at, iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody or Napster.  The promo material I received for Liquor Boxx says that their “go to” tracks are Ask Me to Stop, Cheap Sex N Vodka and Samantha Fox.  Although I liked Samantha Fox, I think you get a better handle of the band from the tracks Tomorrow and Up N Down Me.  Trust me, this is not a one hit wonder kind of band.  I expect to hear music from Liquor Boxx played in mainstream venues in no time.


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