TRON: Legacy

Music By: Daft Punk

Produced by: Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When I was a kid, a science fiction movie like no other hit the theaters.  TRON starred Jeff Bridges as a software engineer who finds a way to enter the computer world by transforming himself into digital code.  The film became a cult classic among folks my age and has stood the test of time.  Now, almost two decades later, the sequel, TRON: Legacy, has hit the theaters.  This new 3D adventure begins when Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) receives word that a signal has come from his long lost father, once the world’s leading video-game developer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges).  Apparently, Sam’s father has been trapped in the digital world for the past twenty years and only Sam, with the help of a warrior named Quorra (Olivia Wilde) can help him escape.

            The soundtrack for TRON: Legacy was created by the electronic musical duo known as Daft Punk.  Guy-Manuel de Momem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter began their musical journey when they met in a secondary school in Paris, France.  They became good friends and began recording demo tracks, but their debut under the name of Daft Punk didn’t take place until a negative review of their music in Melody Maker labeled their music a “bunch of daft punk.”  They recorded their first single in 1993 and were hailed as a new breed of music innovators.  They went on to record numerous albums and even worked with Kanye West on his #1 single Stronger.

            When TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski met with Daft Punk in November 2007, he discovered that the duo had been enamored with the original film.  This collaboration between director and composer would be a marriage made in heaven.  Daft Punk knew just how to create a musical score for this movie and Joseph Kosinski knew that he could leave the project in their hands and be completely satisfied with the end results.

            Well, I can honestly say that I was not a fan of the original movie.  However, that hasn’t kept me from becoming a fan of the sequel’s soundtrack.  I applaud Joseph Kosinski in his selection of Daft Punk to create the musical score for TRON: Legacy.  This electronic musical duo was the perfect pair to work on this particular score.  Anyone who has seen the original film knows that the movie is heavily steeped in the digital world.  Daft Punk’s electronic sound is a perfect match for this world. 

            If you saw the original film, you also know that the characters participated in some high stakes video gaming, putting themselves at the ultimate risk to obtain their goals.  This is where some of my favorite tracks come in as Daft Punk liberally peppers their musical score with sounds and music from video games from our past, specifically those early 1980s games.  I am immediately reminded of Galaxian, Donkey Kong and the like when listening to these tracks.

            Even more importantly, the TRON: Legacy Soundtrack has a techno-dance feel, making it a perfect stand alone album.  I can imagine people happily dancing to a number of these tracks in a local club without any thought as to the fact that this music was featured in a Disney film.  I even found myself dancing around as I listened to the soundtrack.

            Fans of the original movie are going to love this soundtrack, but even if you aren’t a fan, if you like techno dance music, the TRON: Legacy Soundtrack is going to knock your socks off.  So put on your club clothes and get out your retro video games.  The TRON: Legacy Soundtrack has hit the music stores and I predict it will sell like hotcakes!


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