Music By: Daft Punk

Remixes By: Various Artists

Produced by: Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            The soundtrack for TRON: Legacy was created by the electronic musical duo known as Daft Punk.  Guy-Manuel de Momem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter began their musical journey when they met in a secondary school in Paris, France.  They became good friends and began recording demo tracks, but their debut under the name of Daft Punk didnít take place until a negative review of their music in Melody Maker labeled their music a ďbunch of daft punk.Ē  They recorded their first single in 1993 and were hailed as a new breed of music innovators.  They went on to record numerous albums and even worked with Kanye West on his #1 single Stronger.

            I thoroughly enjoyed the TRON: Legacy Soundtrack created by Daft Punk, but on April 5, 2011, Walt Disney Records released a new soundtrack entitled TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED.  This new soundtrack features remixes of selected tracks from the original motion picture soundtrack created by acclaimed DJs, remixers and producers from all over the world like The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfield, Moby, Boys Noize and more.

            If I thought the original TRON: Legacy Soundtrack was great, TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED is off the hook.  This album contains totally re-invented versions of the original tracks, artistically remixed and recreated by some of the greatest experts in the field.  Anyone who knows dance and electronic music knows what The Crystal Method duo of Ken B. Jordan and Scott Heisler Kirkland can do for a soundtrack.  Iíve loved their work since I heard them on the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack and have followed their music over the years.  Some will remember their themes for the television shows Third Watch and Bones.  Their version of The Grid, featuring samples from Jeff Bridgesí opening narration keying us in about the plot of the film, is incredible. 

            In fact, there is not a bad track on this album.  The entire TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED Soundtrack is a completely enhanced version of the original designed to make you move.  From the opening track by The Glitch Mob, a reconfigured version of Derezzed to Boys Noiseís version of End of Line to the TRON Legacy End Titles by Sander Kleinenberg, I couldnít stop moving, nodding my head, tapping my hands against any solid object within my grasp and tapping my feet.  All I wanted to do was get up and dance.  I can honestly see this music being played in any dance club to the enjoyment of its occupants.

            I canít imagine a better homage to the original soundtrack of a movie centered on the digital grid of a computer world than this electric DJ remix dance album.  TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED is aptly named and a great follow up to an already terrific movie soundtrack.


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