Truth or Dare

Composed By: Richard Pryn

Distributed by: Screamworks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the British horror film, Truth or Dare (AKA: Truth or Die), a group of teens at a party decide to play a game of Truth or Dare.  The game gets out of hand and one of the teens gets picked on by the others.  A few months later, that same teen invites the group over for a party at his place.  When the party gets moved to a remote cabin and their host is nowhere to be found, things get strange.  And when the host's brother arrives and suggests his own very special game of Truth or Dare, things get more than out of control...they get deadly.

                The musical score of Truth or Dare was created by Richard Pryn, a relatively new British instrumentalist and composer.  Graduating with degree in Music and Visual Art from the University of Brighton in 2006, Pryn went on musical advertising campaigns for such notable clients as Evian, HSBC, IKEA, Nokia and the Olympics.  He has also created musical scores for a number of film shorts.  Truth or Dare is his first full-length feature film project.

                For the Truth or Dare Soundtrack, Richard Pryn combined orchestral and electronic sound to create a dark, adrenaline pumping score designed to heighten the visual experience of the film.  There are dramatic moments infused with percussion, fast-paced strings and flashes of disjointed electronic sound that will send chills up the listeners spine. 

                My favorite track is We Need A Phone.  The music in this track says it all.  At once, you realize that someone is in sincere trouble just based upon the ominous music.  As whoever it is searches frantically for a phone, the music is heightened.  Their frantic search is illustrated through fast-paced high registry violin music.  As the search becomes more and more frantic, the violins are played faster and faster and other instruments come into play until there is a cacophony of musical noise.  We are returned to the ominous music and we suddenly realize that whatever it was that inspired such a panic in the individual searching for a phone has finally caught up to them.

                The Truth or Dare Soundtrack is what I now look for in a horror score, a perfect blend of orchestral music and ambient sound used to create adrenaline-pumping fear.  Too many composers have been incorporating too much electronic sound to create that fear lately, forgetting that orchestral instrument manipulation can exact the same outcome.  Richard Pryn combines old school with new and creates a soundtrack that will assist the visuals of the film in scaring the BeJeezus out of you.  The music works perfectly with the film and  would be a great addition to any haunted house theme.  Kudos go to Pryn for a job well done.  With this example of what he can create for his first feature film score, I am sure we will be seeing more great work in feature film in the future.


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