First Impressions

Uncle Buck

Aired on: ABC

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Many of you kids who grew up in the 80s will remember a funny film starring John Candy style= as Uncle Buck style=.  You'll remember, as I did, that Uncle Buck was called upon to take care of his nieces and nephew during a family emergency and that Uncle Buck was the last person anyone would call to take care of young impressionable children.  Uncle Buck was a well-meaning sort of guy, just with a lot of bad habits that didn't exactly make him child-rearing material.  Now ABC has decided to make a new television series based on the original film.

                Airing on Tuesdays, Uncle Buck stars Mike Epps style= in the title role, invited to his brother Will's (James Lesure style=) home when his two youngest children run off their nanny style=.  Will is an up and coming architect style= and has an important meeting in another state.  Meanwhile, his wife Alexis (Nia Long style=) has re-entered the working world and is needed for a presentation for her not-for-profit company.  Alexis is against calling on never-do-well Buck for help, but Will convinces her to give Buck a chance...after all, they can't find anyone else to babysit at such late notice.

                The two youngest children, Miles (Sayeed Shahidi style=) and Maizy (Aalyrah Caldwell), are determined to get rid of another babysitter style= while eldest Tia (Iman Benson) is only worried about ditching Buck so she can party with new boyfriend Jason (Amarr M. Wooten).  But Buck is too savvy to be outwitted by these three.  He buddies up to Miles and Maizy and comes to Tia's rescue when her boyfriend applies too much pressure to get to second base and beyond.  When Will and Alexis return home early, expecting to find a disaster, they instead discover that all is well and decide to make Buck their Manny.

                I've watched four episodes of the series now and I find Mike Epps hilarious as Uncle Buck.  I barely remember the John Candy film, but I imagine that many of the situations are the same, just updated for the new generations.  I loved the Li'l Scarface style= episode when Uncle Buck tries to help Maizy sell Girl Scout Cookies style= by turning it into a hustling business.  Ride Along is also a funny episode in which Buck accompanies Alexis on a busy family day while the two youngest kids con Will into treating them to the best sick day ever.

                There are folks out there complaining regarding the casting of Uncle Buck.  To those folks, I say, grow up.  Though I was not exactly enthused that yet another old school film was about to be remade, I have to say that this version of Uncle Buck is rather enjoyable, unlike the silly remakes of 21 Jump Street style=, Charlie's Angels style=, Annie style= and the soon to hit theaters Ghostbusters style= remake.  Remaking shows and movies for the helluvit is downright stupid, but I think this version of Uncle Buck, while predictable in its early stages is still a fun family show for the summer season on ABC and I will continue watching every Tuesday at 9pm EST.


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