Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna)

Composed By: Carlo Siliotto

Produced by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Under the Same Moon (aka: La Misma Luna) is a family tale containing a subtle commentary on the much publicized issue of illegal immigration in the United States.  The movie features Kate del Castillo as Rosario, a mother working illegally as a domestic in Los Angeles, sending money home to her mother and son in Mexico so that they can live a better life.  When Rosario’s mother passes away, Rosario’s nine-year-old son Carlitos sets out on a journey to find his mother.  With the help of a migrant worker that he meets in the barrio in Los Angeles, Carlitos searches for the street corner described to him by Rosario in her frequent calls home.  Unbeknownst to Carlitos, Rosario is preparing to head out to Mexico to be with her son.  Will the mother and son ever be reunited?

            The soundtrack of Under the Same Moon is composed by Italian composer Carlo Siliotto.  Born in Rome, Italy, Carlo Siliotto began his musical career by studying guitar and violin.  At the Conservatory of Frosinone, Siliotto learned about composition.  By 1973, Siliotto had become a founding member of the group Canzoniere del Lazio, with whom he adapted pop music and traditional music from Southern Italy and the Mediterranean to create a new sound.  By 1984, Carlo Siliotto had decided to concentrate on composing musical score for films.  His many internationally acclaimed musical scores include Fluke, The Punisher, Nomad and more.

            For the soundtrack of Under the Same Moon, Siliotto employs the use of guitars, pianos, woodwind instruments and more to musically illustrate the tale of an immigrant family struggling to survive in a harsh world.  Songs like La Cancela and La Mano contain ominous undertones perhaps denoting danger or treachery.  La Muerte De La Abuela, a composition representing the death of Carlitos grandmother is appropriately somber in nature.  Percussion instruments are used to illustrate numerous happenings in the film.  In El Sacraficio De Enrique, the conga drums are used to illustrate Enrique’s selfless sacrifice for his new found friend Carlitos.

            The music composed for Under the Same Moon is rather confusing to me.  For a movie set in Mexico and in the Los Angeles barrio, one would expect to hear music with a Latin flare.  Instead, Carlo Siliotto provides us with a composition that is very Italian in nature.  Though the music is beautiful, one must wonder whether this music fits well with scenes in the movie.  Its storytelling qualities not withstanding, the composition provided by Carlos Siliotto misses the mark in emphasizing the ethnicity of the characters.  Still, the soundtrack of Under the Same Moon makes for an enjoyable listen.  The soundtrack is available only in MP3 format at iTunes or wherever you can purchase MP3 downloads.


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