Movie Soundtrack


Composed by: Christopher Young

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Special Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) thinks she’s seen it all on her job, working in the internet crimes division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  But Marsh is about to hunt a new type of cyber-criminal.  This time around, an internet predator is televising his murders on his website, the fate of each of his prey decided by those who come to his site.  The more hits the site gets, the faster the victims die.  As Marsh hunts down this demented murderer, the case becomes personal and the hunter soon becomes the hunted.

            The soundtrack of the movie Untraceable is composed by New Jersey-born composer Christopher Young.  Starting out as a jazz drummer, Christopher Young had an opportunity to listen to an album by composer Bernard Herrmann and he had an epiphany.  This was what Young wanted to do – compose music for movies.  He enrolled in the UCLA Film School and began composing, receiving recognition in 1987 for his composition of the Hellraiser soundtrack.  He then went on to compose music for Hellraiser II and Fly II, but Young didn’t stick with just the horror and science fiction genres.  He created soundtracks for every genre imaginable.  Some of his works include the soundtracks for Copycat, Swordfish, The Shipping News, The Hurricane, Ghost Rider, Spider-man 3, Lucky You and more.  Known as a composer with incredible versatility, the Golden Globe-nominated composer is said to never have repeated himself in all of his years as a movie soundtrack composer.

            The soundtrack of Untraceable is incredibly chilling.  Christopher Young uses strings and pianos that start off quietly and rise in crescendo to put the listener on edge.  As you listen to tracks such as Death After Life After Death and Acid Decomposition, you find yourself looking over your shoulder, expecting to see someone lurking behind you preparing to attack.  The entire experience is unsettling.  So, once again, Christopher Young has done his job, creating music that perfectly reflects the mood of the movie for which he is composing.  Untraceable is a warped tale about the hunt for a serial killer.  The soundtrack keeps you on edge throughout the entire movie, creating the thrilling suspense without the need for visual effects.

            If you’re in the mood to be creeped out, Untraceable is the album for you.  The perfect way to listen to this soundtrack is with the lights off – scary as hell!  After listening to this soundtrack, I can honestly say that Untraceable has to be one hell of a scarily thrilling movie to watch!


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