Alternative/Indie Rock

Up From the Wormwood

Artist: Up From the Wormwood

Produced By: Unsigned

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            I am always looking for new music and new sounds to introduce to our readers hear at  My music taste is rather eclectic and I enjoy being introduced to something new.  So when Up From the Wormwood suggested I should check out their music on their MySpace page, I headed on over.

            Hailing from Chicago, the acoustic alternative rock band known as Up From the Wormwood consists of four members.  Jimmy Bernard provides vocals, guitars and lyrics, Mike Paine provides the drums and percussion, Andrew Moralez plays bass and Erynne Baronia supplies piano, keyboards and bells.  The band has not yet been signed, but has played at numerous local venues.  Their MySpace page features four songs and four YouTube videos featuring new music from the band. 

            I would love to say that Up From the Wormwood was a MySpace find, but actually, the band falls a tad flat.  The music featured on the website mostly features Jimmy Bernard and his guitar Ė what happened to the rest of the band?  Many of the songs are attempts at ballads, but fall a bit short lyrics-wise.  An Adequate Ending is the best song lyrically, but even that one isnít quite there.  Bernardís vocals are off at best, downright flat at worst.

            But I canít tear this band apart.  Why?  Because there is some rather obvious talent there.  Jimmy Bernard has the alternative rocker look and can definitely play a mean acoustic guitar.  Each and every song features an even better example of just what Jimmy can do to make an acoustic guitar sing.  Then thereís Erynne Baronia, an equally talented pianist whose music appears in When She Calls.  If there were no vocals and no lyrics to When She Calls, this song would fit perfectly on one of the many soundtracks Iíve reviewed in the past. 

            Musically, from the examples I heard on MySpace, this band has something.  However, vocally and lyrically Up From the Wormwood needs more.  Jimmy Bernard should stick to what he does best Ė playing guitar.  Let someone else try a hand at the lyrics and the singing.  There is some talent there, itís just used incorrectly.  Unfortuntately, instead of a MySpace find, we have here a MySpace flop.

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