Romantic Comedy

Valentine's Day

Distributed by: New Line Cinema

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            February 14th is either a pleasure or pain for most people.  This duality is experienced by the cast of characters in the movie Valentine’s Day.

            Ashton Kutcher plays Reed Bennett, the owner of a flower shop who happily goes about Valentine’s Day feeling nothing but love, especially since he is newly engaged to his girlfriend, Morely (Jessica Alba).  His best friend, Julia (Jennifer Garner), is dating her dream doctor (Patrick Dempsey).  Meanwhile, love struck teenagers Felicia (Taylor Swift) and Willy (Taylor Lautner) are planning their Valentine’s Day by helping their friends set up their first sexual encounter. 

            Shirley Maclaine and Hector Elizondo are an older couple, together for decades and devoted to each other for a very long time.  While they babysit their grandson, they offer him advice on his first love.  Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace play a couple who meet on the job at a sports agency headed up by Paula Thomas (Queen Latifah).  Unbeknownst to Jason (Topher), Liz (Anne) has been moonlighting as a phone sex operator.

            Kate Hazeltine (Julia Roberts) is flying home for one night before she must return to Iraq.  Seated next to her on the plane is Holden (Bradley Cooper) who strikes up a conversation with Kate.  Eric Dane portrays Sean Jackson, a quarterback who just lost a playoff game.  His publicist (Jessica Biel) is very preoccupied with planning her annual I Hate Valentine’s Day Party.  Jamie Foxx is the number two sports guy given the assignment of cheesy Valentine’s Day coverage by KTLA boss Kathy Bates.

            This movie is a bit cliché, but I enjoyed how all of these lives intertwine with one another by the end of the film.  At first, I wondered if Valentine’s Day was one of those movies with a brilliant ensemble cast without a great story, but my fears were soon put to rest.  I believe there is something for everyone in this film.  Even the men in the audience seemed to be enjoying the plot.  The audience was so engaged that the women in the audience let out a collective groan of disappointment at something that took place in the film, but, not being a plot-buster myself, I can only say that the men in the audience found this scene to be quite hilarious.

            Valentine’s Day had a nice plot that was a bit cliché, but fun, and flowed nicely.  The movie left me satisfied and full of happiness at the same time - that’s what a good romantic comedy should do for its audience.  All of the actors did a great job.  The characters were likeable…well, except for Patrick Dempsey’s character, but again, I don’t want to plot-bust.

            If you happen to be looking for a light, fun movie this should be an easy choice.  Myself and my fellow movie-goers walked out of Valentine’s Day with a smile on our faces.


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