Produced, written, directed and edited by Mason LeCompte
Genre: Goth/Vampirism
For Mature Audiences
Running time: 60 Minutes

Written by Jon Minners

How do I review this movie?  This is the dilemma I am presented with after taking a look at the very underground and independent vampire film, appropriately titled Vamp by Mason LeCompte

I love vampire movies.  I always wanted to be a vampire, but then a cute girl tried biting me and I realized that hurt way too much, so I just decided watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Interview with a Vampire and Forever Knight was good enough.  Add in some great books from Anne Rice and you have a guy with a very deep interest in vampire films.  So, I was very interested in checking this film out. 

As it says on the DVD box, Vamp is an unconventional horror film.  The film is rather twisted and disturbing.  You never know where death will find you.  In an urban underworld thick with sex, drugs and murder, death for many people in this film; Mick, the spiritual dish boy with a drinking problem; a call girl with a coke habit and a serial killer and a Satan worshipper who offers up a human sacrifice, comes in the form of Aria, a vampire who really does not seem to discriminate when she kills.  That changes at the end of the movie when she runs across an innocent girl and tells her story about when she was made a creature of the night. 

Basically, there is no real rhyme or reason in this movie.  I couldn’t really place a story.  There is nothing cohesive about the movie.  The only constant is Aria.  She’s kind of hot, so that was pretty cool, but other than that, I didn’t feel for the characters; there was no hero to root for and everything just seemed choppy and a little all over the place.  We only see snippets of the lives of the victims.  We really don’t even know enough about Aria to take an interest, even when she tells us her tale. 

I did kind of enjoyed the way it was filmed; very creepy and freakishly mind-warping, the film did scare me a little and mainly because I started worrying that Vamp was a snuff film.  The death scenes seemed a little too real for my tastes.  That could be a major compliment to our director.  I also lived the music of hook the captain.  But would I tell my friends to check this movie out? – No.  However, would I check out future work from LeCompte. 

Vamp was made without a budget and I hope it shows the potential of what I could do if I had a budget,” she said.

The Hollins University graduated with a BA in film and has worked with Academy Award winning director Antonio Zarro.  She has been influenced by Ingmar Bergman and Roman Polanski as well as the Evil Dead movies, Hellraiser films and art and fashion.  In the behind the scenes feature on the DVD, you see her knack for wardrobe and makeup.  There is definitely something there and if you look at the film knowing she did not have a budget when she made it, you do notice some flashes of pure brilliance.  LeCompte does show that she has a knack for making movies.  She needs a little work on her storytelling and character development, but looking at this for what it was; a project from a filmmaker with high hopes, I will definitely be keeping my eye on her work.  When she becomes famous, Vamp may become that cult hit I’ll pretend I loved many years from now. 

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