Waiting for Lightning

Composed By: Nathan Furst

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Waiting for Lightning is a documentary about skateboarder Danny Way and his dream to jump the Great Wall of China.  Beginning with his difficult childhood marred by the suicide of his father, his mother's drug abuse and his own physical abuse at the hands of his mother's revolving door of men, Waiting for Lightning is an inspirational story about a young man who, in the face of adversity, found hope in skateboarding.  Honing his skills to the professional level, Danny would stop at nothing to achieve the ultimate goal, a jump never before or again performed - an ollie over the Great Wall of China.

                The musical score of Waiting for Lightning was created by American composer Nathan Furst.  Teaching himself how to play piano and various other instruments, Nathan Furst began writing music at a very young age.  Opting to leave college to pursue a career in composing, Furst has amassed quite a résumé, including the composition of musical scores for such notable films as Need for Speed, Dust to Glory and Act of Valor.

                The Waiting for Lightning Soundtrack features intensely dramatic music.  The score is heavy on guitars, both electric and acoustic, with supporting percussions and keyboards.  There is an intensity in the score that reflects the intensity of the young man the film is about.  Exotic sound defines the locale of the infamous jump, soft guitars represent the more difficult moments in Way's life, such as the loss of his friend Mike Ternasky, and a steady percussive beat that is awfully reminiscent of a heartbeat weaves its way throughout the preparations for the jump of a lifetime. 

                The Waiting for Lightning Soundtrack is a beautifully intense musical experience that I particularly enjoyed thanks to the guitars.  I'm a sucker for a well-played guitar melody and Furst supplies plenty of this on the album.  I also loved the style of the music - being a Xtreme Sport, Furst could have gone with a hardcore electric rock base.  Instead, he opted to focus on the intense concentration and strength of purpose Danny Way needed to achieve the impossible.  The soundtrack is an excellent representation of a movie score that works just as well as a stand alone album.


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