Artist: Floater

Produced by: Typhon Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            The Portland, Oregon rock band known as Floater began in 1993, shortly after drummer Pete Cornett answered a musician-wanted ad placed by Robert Wynia.  Thanks to a mishap on a gig with a drunken guitarist, David Amador joined the group and they began playing at garage parties and colleges.  A nine-song demo album got them signed by indie label Elemental and by 1994, Floater had produced their first full-length album, entitled Sink.  Over a decade later, and under a new record label, the band has amassed a total of eight albums.  Their latest creation is called Wake.

            From the first track of Wake there is not doubt as to Floater’s style.  This is rock - pure, hard and gritty, featuring twelve tracks of adrenaline pumping guitar riffs and hard-hitting percussion.  Robert Wynia’s vocals are deep and melodic and somewhat reminiscent of the band Stabbing Westward in its sound.  Most of the songs are somewhat dark in nature, reflecting inner pain and self-reflection. 

            My favorite track, White Dress, describes one woman’s dissention into a life of pain and suffering beginning with her walk down the aisle in a white dress: “Tina wore a white dress / She didn’t know it was a funeral / Until she cried at what she knew to be the rest of her life.”  The song is short and doesn’t actually go into the details of her suffering, but that one verse pretty much spells it out.  This set of lyrics is actually a perfect example of the style of lyrics you will find in most of the songs on Wake.  On  the surface, the lyrics are designed to allow the listener a glimpse of the song‘s meaning.  It’s up to the listener to find the true meaning behind the lyrics by taking them apart and examining them fully.  Floater’s lyrical style forces one to think about the words they’re hearing and peel back the layers of meaning to find the truth behind each song,

            With such a had-hitting sound and intelligently written lyrics, it’s no wonder that the band has retained such a faithful following after all these years.  The band believes that the reason for such a dedicated following is that the trio gets better with age.  I would tend to agree.  Check out their new album, Wake - serious rock fans will not be disappointed. 


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