We Are the Freaks

Composed By: Vincent Watts

Distributed by: MovieScore Media/Kronos Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Set in the 1990s, We Are the Freaks is a British comedy about three friends and one night that will change their lives forever.  The film stars Jamie Blackley as Jack, a young man from a working class family awaiting news about a college grant; Sean Teale as Chunks, an eccentric partier who allows his divorced parents to compete for his affection through money and Mike Bailey as Parsons, a somewhat uptight young man whose family has already mapped out his future for him.

                The musical score of We Are the Freaks was created by composer Vincent Watts, who graduated with a BA in music from Leeds University before going on to hone his skills by getting a Master's Degree  in music for the screen from the Media School at Bournemouth University.  He is known for his unique approach to scoring and his ability to provide the perfect blend of music and sound.  Scoring credits include the documentary Taking Liberties and the full length feature Red, White and Blue.

                The We Are the Freaks score is an electronic homage to the 90s, featuring a mix of synthesizers and ambient sound.  In creating a score for the film, Vincent Watts relates: "Justin [Edgars] and I discussed creating a retro electronica sound that referenced bands such as Tangerine Dream. The score also injects an emotively sincere quality that nicely contrasts with the more light hearted moments in the film."

                The We Are the Freaks Soundtrack is an enjoyable music listening experience.  The score is perfect as background music for the film as well as a stand alone album.  Half of the album features music perfect for a dance club and the other half features music that's great for a mood soother.  As a fan of the synth dance sound of old, We Are the Freaks makes a great addition to my music collection.


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