Wednesday Soundtrack and Score

Music Composed By: Daniel Davies, John Bergin and Geno Lenardo

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Stompbox 13 comic book, Wednesday, created by John Bergin, focuses on a young fifteen-year-old girl in a post-apocalyptic world.  Tired of living in a scrap yard with her father, Wednesday often wonders what it is like outside of her home.  When her father is abducted on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she has a chance to find out.  With no weapons but her fast wit, Wednesday ventures out into the world with her sock monkey friends in a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, in search of her father.

            In September 2015, Lakeshore Records released two companion albums to the Wednesday comic book - the Wednesday Soundtrack and the Wednesday Original Score.  Creator John Bergin is one of the musical contributors found on these albums.  In addition to being a writer and illustrator of comic books, Bergin is also a musician.  He has created a number of comic book series, including Ashes and From Inside.  He has also worked on a number of musical projects, including a Warhammer 40K score, Tertium Non Data, Lolo and Blackmouth.  He also adapted From Inside to screen.

            Music associated with comic books is nothing new.  According to Bergin, "I love the concept of comic book soundtracks. Every comic book I’ve written or illustrated also included a suggested soundtrack in the index.  I can even say I may be the first person to score a comic! In the early 1990’s I wrote and recorded a score for The Crow graphic novel."  Bergin decided to invite Daniel Davies and Geno Lenardo to assist him in creating the music of Wednesday: "Daniel and Geno are incredibly versatile musicians.  Their work that you may be familiar with sounds heavy and dark. The I, Frankenstein soundtrack, John Carpenter’s new album, Filter, and Device for example… but I heard a playfulness and sensitivity in their music that I thought would be a great fit for Wednesday."

            The resulting score has an incredibly edgy style, a mix of industrial metal and techno that one often associates with the post-apocalyptic movie experience.  It all begins with The True Story of Wednesday, a dark and foreboding synth track, followed by Wasteland with an acid-dripping synth sound and metal-striking-metal backbeat.  The dramatic metal-striking-metal mixed with a rocking drumbeat and adrenaline-pumping electric guitars starts the action in Here They Come.  These are just previews to the heavy, futuristic sound of the Wednesday score. 

            I loved the score, but I loved the soundtrack even more, with songs like Feels So Good, Lost in Love, Somewhere Better Than Here, That's the Kick, a great remake of Heart's Barracuda by Geno Lenardo featuring Mlny and more.  The songs are adrenaline pumping rock and dance, reminiscent of the music found on other comic books brought to the screen via animation like Heavy Metal.  Singing artists include Daniel Davies, Aly Jados, Nina Bergman, Tessa De Nicola and more.

            I had a blast listening to the Wednesday Soundtrack and Wednesday Score albums.  If you need a burst of energy, just pop one of these albums into the player.  This music playing in the background will give you that shot of energy to complete any boring or ardent task.  Lakeshore Records definitely scored with this release!  There is definitely some great music to be heard on these two albums - definitely worth the listen!


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