Composed By: Rob Simonsen

Distributed by: Keep Moving Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Set in Medieval Times, Westender features as Asbrey of Westender (Blake Stadel), a knight who has fallen from grace.  During one of his lowest moments, he drunkenly gambles and loses his ring, his most valuable possession.  When he wakes up the next morning, he tracks down the man he lost his ring to only to discover that brigands have stolen it.  Accompanied by the jester to whom he originally lost the ring, Asbrey of Westender sets off on a journey to track down the thieves and gain back possession of the one thing most important to his existence.

                The musical score of Westender was created by American composer Rob Simonsen who appears in the film as Glim, the court jester mentioned above.  He is better known for the musical scores he created for Management, All Good Things, Life of Pi, Blue Bloods, Dollhouse and more.

                With the film set in Medieval Times, itís no surprise to find Celtic influences throughout the Westender musical score.  The majority of the score is morose, expressing the loss and pain of Asbrey.  We sense that he didnít just fall from grace, but may have lost the love of his life.  Lower registry horns offer up a sense of ominous dangerÖperhaps a foe that Asbrey may not fare well against. 

                The score of Westender fits the feel of the film, but it really doesnít hit any high notes with me.  The Celtic influences are there, but not exactly dominating and the score is so sad you end up feeling depressed after listening to it.  Iím afraid the Westender Soundtrack isnít something I would waste my hard earned money on.


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