Wrestling DVD

WEW Vol. 1- Vol. 4

Women's Extreme Wrestling/BCI Eclispe/Brentwood Home Video/StoneCutter Media Ltd.

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Copyright 2002 and Released 2003

Parental Advisory for some nudity, language, violence

By DrayvensCrow

    Have you ever been at a gentleman's club and, while watching the dancer on the main stage, asked yourself "Yeah, she's beautiful and dances great, but can she wrestle?" Well then, the folks at Women's Extreme Wrestling have a double-sided 2-disc set for you.

  The Northeastern promotion made its name primarily by finding exotic dancers and turning them into wrestlers. This set is a culmination of their first four pay-per-views, held at Philadelphia's world famous ECW Arena. There is heavy editing as WEW's core audience is over the age of eighteen and there are times when a wrestler's 'chesticular fortitude' is exposed in the course of a match. But don't think that the entire collection is straight T and A (no, I don't mean Test and Albert) as some of the industry's top wrestling talent also appears. For example, disc 1's first match pits Alexis Laree (currently in WWE's developmental program at OVW) against Amanda Storm. It's a well wrestled match, even considering the fact that the beautiful Ms. Laree doesn't sell some of her punches as well as she could. Storm takes it to Laree, controlling the majority of the match while the play-by-play team of Eric Gargiulo and Joel Gertner (ECW's "Quintessential Stud Muffin") make unashamedly un-PC comments about Storm's physical appearance ("She looks like Pebbles Flintstone on crack!") and wrestlers' activities backstage (many references are made during the course of both discs about group showers and openly wondering about the sexual habits of some of the talent).

  And there are plenty of G.L.O.W.-style matches as well, one of which pits The Mae Family (most of who are in serious need of the Atkins Diet) against Tai 'Killer' Weed and Psycho Bitch. This match will never be mistaken for a wrestling classic but has plenty of hilarious moments that will catch your interest. In addition, there are appearances by male wrestlers, most of whom are rip-offs of WWE talent: WEW's 'commissioner' The Smoke, 'Ice Cold' Billy Austin, 'Dirty Deeds' Darren Wise, etc. Steve the Sound Guy is one of the most annoying original characters seen but is about the only original gimmick of just about all of the male talent. There are also female members of the adult film community that appear in and out of the ring.

  You might be surprised later on to find that one of the dancer/wrestlers turns out to be more than just a serviceable talent. Her name: G.I. Ho, The Real American Hottie. In two matches not only does she sell every move in the contest, but she does so with the believability of a WWE Diva against both male and female talent. I don't really expect to see her in the land of Lita and Trish, but Vinnie Mac has done worse in the past. You might also be surprised to see the sheer number of promos cut throughout both discs, some well done and the others....well, let's just say that keeping your remote close by would be advisable.

  So if you and your wrestling buddies find yourselves bored and in need of not only some good wrestling but some genuinely funny and un-PC entertainment, then give the girls and guys of WEW a close look!


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