Wrestling DVD

WEW Vol. 5 - Vol. 8

Women's Extreme Wrestling/BCI Eclispe/Brentwood Home Video/StoneCutter Media Ltd.  

Parental Advisory for some nudity, language, violence

By DrayvensCrow

    The Smoked Out Icon, The Real American Hottie and the rest of their friends are back to lay the smackdown on boring and lackluster wrestling with Women's Extreme Wrestling second venture into the pay-per-view DVD market.

  In case you haven't heard of WEW or you just forgot, the northeastern promotion initially made their claim to fame by taking exotic dancers and adult entertainment stars and making them into wrestlers. This time, WEW takes the show on the road to a sports bar in Dover, DE. for a series of pre-taped ppv's. This is really a good way to ensure a good crowd for a small promotion. The major shortcoming in this collection is the literal bombardment of promos throughout each event, even though some of them only last 10-15 seconds.

  Once you make you way past the filler, get ready for some of the funniest and hardest hitting matches you've ever seen in women's wrestling. The first match on Disc 1 Side A (Deep Impact) is an inter-gender tag, but the male talent isn't your average wrestlers: they're midgets! I can guarantee you that you won't see a funnier match-up unless you were one of the unfortunate ones to watch the Screech/Horshack celebrity boxing match a few years ago.

Former ECW talent Riptide and Alexis Laree make up for the vast amount of promos with a very well wrestled ladder match followed by a shortened hardcore schoolgirl match between Casey and Missy. There is a hard cut to the next match featuring Cinnamon and Davey Mae with some interesting stipulations: If Davey Mae wins he gets five minutes alone in the ring with Cinnamon to do "whatever he wants." If Cinnamon wins, she gets to expose her breasts to the predominately male crowd.

The following match is a guaranteed squash as Chick Diesel and Special Ed take on The American Creme Pie and Lucky. ACP spends the majority of the match on the outside spraying whipped crème on some lucky members of the audience and "making out" while Lucky gets double teamed. Dawn Mae and Persephone have a surprisingly good match that leads into the WEW Championship match-up between champ GI Ho and Lady Storm. Smoke, Steve The Sound Guy, Tai Weed and Psycho Bitch close out this side with a "I Hate Ho's" challenge match.

Side B (Kickin' Ass Ghetto Booty Style) is no different than Side A as it opens up with....more promos! Match #1 offers up a surgically augmented Persephone taking on Kameo. Someone in management needs to have a serious talk with whomever is in charge of editing as the match gets shortened by 5 min.! Another hard cut and we get to see veteran star Tara cut an in ring promo on Annie Social concerning their upcoming Best Body match. Now, if Annie looks familiar, you may want to look on Side A at the Schoolgirl match.

The next contest isn't exactly a "catch-as-catch-can" classic as Missy The Schoolgirl takes on Lady Storm in a "Loser Gets Spanked" match and goes straight into another in ring promo as Smoke and Steve The Sound Guy deride the "Ho's" and attack referee Isis. Former ref BJ comes out for the save and ends up being powerbombed by a really bad Dudleys/Mikey Whipwreck rip off character named Corporal Punishment. Fortunately, the entire locker room chases the male offenders out of the ring and goads Punishment into accepting a match, which he of course wins.

Alexis Laree has what is essentially a warm up against Davey Mae before taking on Texas Wrestling Academy grad Simply Luscious. For those who may not have heard of the San Antionio-based academy, it was run by Texas wrestling legends Jose Lethario and Shawn Michaels. Keep an eye on Simply Luscious, she'll be making her mark in WWE if McMahon is doing his job right.

Other than the Laree/Luscious contests, Riptide and Prime Time Amy Lee give the fans their all in a mixed tag. These two wrestlers bring the crowd to their feet with the most hard hitting match on this disc. And as much as I love the efforts of GI Ho, Persephone, Laree and Simply Luscious, you're gonna love what happens in the last few minutes of this match up as they take it into the crowd! GI Ho and Dawn Mae end up this side with another championship match.

Disc 2 Side A (As Good As She Gets) may start off looking like you need to fast forward through the next 10 min. of promos, but you'll miss Bar Room Barbie take on Davey Mae in what I consider his best wrestled match in WEW. WWE fans will recognize this version of Barbie as one of The Godfather's ho's that actually knew how to wrestle. Unfortunately, the editors take this opportunity to throw in promo after promo here, thoroughly killing any momentum produced by the match. 

Persephone and Psycho Bitch try to get things rolling again with a nicely worked match and Riptide takes on the ring crew. Luscious and Laree renew their feud with great results and both would be great on either WWE or NWA programming. The "Ho Madness" Battle Royal for the apparently-vacated WEW title would be great if Steve The Sound Guy didn't kill all of the momentum of the match by cutting the world's longest-feeling promo in-ring!

    Side B (Hot Booties Get Kicked) starts off with...what else, more PROMOS! The in-ring talent does their best in trying to salvage the momentum murdered by the editing and the promos but I'm sorry to say that whomever is in charge of making those decisions at WEW need to be fired. If you try to skip over the promos, you end up missing some very good matches. So if you really want to enjoy the wrestling, I hope that your finger is quick on the 'play' button for your DVD player. This is one time that I recommend that you buy the events separately!


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