The Closer: Season 3


What We Do Is Secret

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            What We Do Is Secret is based on the tragic tale of the 70s Los Angeles punk band known as The Germs Shane West stars as Darby Crash, lead singer and driving force behind the band.  Citing a five-year-plan to become a legend, Darby Crash and The Germs rock the punk scene, starting off with a small following and eventually gaining momentum.  Known for their antics on stage which included food fights, bottle breaking, cutting and more, The Germs caught on and they were soon recording an album.  But five years after the band was created, Darby West’s plan was coming to its final stage.  On December 7, 1980, Darby Crash overdosed on heroine – what he believed would be his final act in creating a legend. 

            The music found on the What We Do Is Secret Soundtrack is comprised of punk rock performed by a variety of performers.  It begins with the David Bowie song Five Years , a song whose title inspired the time window of Darby Crash’s plan.  Fittingly enough, it is David Bowie that ends the album as well with Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide.  In between the two David Bowie tracks are songs by Alice Cooper, The Avengers, The Bags, The Weirdos, X  and three incarnations of The Germs.  The first incarnation of The Germs features actors Shane West, Bijou Phillips, Lucas Haas and Michael LeBlanc.  LeBlanc is replaced by original band member Pat Smear in the second incarnation.  The third incarnation of the band is known as the resurrected version and consists of actor/singer Shane West and the remaining original band members – Lorna Doom, Don Bolles and Pat Smear.

            Not being a very big fan of the punk rock scene in my youth, I can’t say that I truly enjoyed the What We Do Is Secret Soundtrack.  I enjoyed the music, but I have never been much of a fan of lyrics screamed at the top of your lungs.  Fans of the punk scene will probably enjoy this album as Shane West sounds almost exactly like Darby Crash in every song.  I, unfortunately, found myself cringing throughout most of the album.  The What We Do Is Secret Soundtrack will probably make a perfect addition to someone’s punk rock collection, but if you are not a fan of the genre, stay away from this album at all costs.


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