Where Did They Film That?: Italy

Songs By: Various Artists

Performed By: Romina Arena

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In 2016, a unique travel guide was released detailing the locations where the most famous movies set in Italy were filmed.  Where Did They Film That?: Italy also offers a glimpse at nearby attractions, museums, restaurants, shops and must-experience slices of Italian life.  The book gives readers behind-the-scenes details of great films, offering the full context of the locales’ history and their meaning in Italian culture.  Written by Romina Arena, Italian popera singer and television personality, the book is a combination of travel guide, film history and cultural study.  In June 2016, a musical companion to the travel guide was released.

Containing twelve tracks, the Where Did They Film That?: Italy musical companion features songs from some of the most famous films set in Italy like To Rome with Love, The Godfather, Life is Beautiful, Three Coins in a Fountain and more.  Who better to perform them than the author of the book, Romina Arena, who has been a performer since she was four years of age. 

Beginning as a ballerina, she drew the attention of Disney and starred as a Mouseketeer for Disney in Italy until she was a teenager.  Unfortunately, Arena would become the victim of a vicious attack at the hands of a jealous entertainer in which her vocal chords were severed and she was left comatose.  Surviving the attack was just the beginning, but with great determination, Romina Arena completely recovered and became an International star, selling over 4 million records.  Singing fluently in ten different languages, Arena also writes all of her own material and is touted as the female answer to Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban

If you are a fan of any of the movies listed above, the songs on this album will dramatically transport you back to the scenes in the films.  Romina Arena has a beautiful voice and I loved her renditions of classics like Volare, Speak Softly Love, O’ Sole Mio, A Time for Us and To Make You Feel My Love.  Most often performed by male artists, these songs, as performed by Romina Arena, offer up a fresh new look at timeless classics.  Definitely what the romantic in all of us would order.  Where Did They Film That?: Italy makes a great addition to any music aficionado’s collection.


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