Wii: Exercise and Gaming Fun All in One


Distributed by: Nintendo

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus

            On Christmas morning, my eyes were aglow with anticipation as a large package was placed in front of me.  When I opened the nicely wrapped gift, I was surprised to see a Wii gaming console.  The next gift I opened was the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board

            Mind you, it had been some time since I received a gift I could play with.  All I wanted to do was hook up my game and play, but the logistics of the Christmas tree and decorations prevented me from doing so.  I finally hooked up the gaming console after the Christmas decorations were put away.  I plugged everything in and I was ready.  Surprisingly easy to hook up, it may have taken me a half hour to set up my Wii which, for me, is great since anything involving electronics has always been a challenge.  I was so excited!

            I put in the Wii Sports disk, eagerly anticipating playing bowling, but the disc didnít work.  To Nintendoís credit, they sent out a replacement disc in a matter of days and it worked just fine.  That night, I played tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing and golf for about three hours until I was sweating up a storm and I knocked over the candy jar on the coffee table simulating the bowling motions.

            The next game I tried was the Jillian Michaels Fitness Challenge 2010.  You have to love a game that you know will give you a good workout and this one delivers.  What is very cool about this game is that you can set your backdrop of where you like to work out and you can customize your workouts.  There are tips and really fun things that can help boost your fitness levels which brings me to the Wii Fit Plus.

            When you first use the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board, it takes your weight, BMI and balance ability measurements.  I didnít know whether to throw the board out the window or just cry when I stepped on it and saw my Mii character go from a skinny Mii to a fat Mii and heard the game tell me, ďThatís obese!Ē  After a few minutes of, ďwhat the heck?!Ē I found it funny and moved on.  There are settings for training, aerobics, strength and yoga.  Each one you complete or mast allows you to unlock another level. 

            I found that you can really give yourself a great workout using this system.  I am a gym rat and at first I was highly skeptical about the Wii, but not anymore.  Not to say that some people donít cheat on the exercises - a friend of mine just moves her arms and pretends to do the running exercises.  I donít cheat, so at the end of this workout, I feel great. 

            The Wii lets you store your workouts, set goals for BMI/Weight Loss, balance and improving posture and strength.  The Wii also tracks when you use it.  If you miss days, it will scold you.  If you log in during the morning, it knows itís morning.  This is the smartest system I have seen in a long time.  Most of all, itís fun!  I donít think anything of playing for hours at a time until I realize, ďOh my God, itís four hours later and I have to go to bed!Ē 

            I think hardcore gamers might not like this system as much as a PS3.  My nephew says itís for old people, but he prefers all of the graphic video games.  I like to have fun and if you can make exercise fun, thatís half the battle.  So if you are in the market for a gaming system, give the Wii a chance - you wonít be disappointed!


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