Wild Horses

Musical Score By: Timothy Williams

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The murder mystery, Wild Horses, is set in Texas and stars John Franco as Ben Briggs, the youngest son of Rancher Scott Briggs (Robert Duvall).  Upon discovering Ben engaged in sexual activity with another young man, Scott banishes Ben and the boy he was found with disappears.  Fifteen years later, Texas Ranger Samantha Payne (Luciana Duvall) wants to reopen the missing person case.  Meanwhile, Ben returns to the ranch after being summoned by his father.  There is a palpable tension between the black sheep and the rest of the family, but Scott is determined to get his estate in order before itís too late.

                The Wild Horses Soundtrack features songs by Kelly and James Adams, Caitlin Eadie, Roy Gaines and his Tuxedo Blue Orchestra, Nicole Maguire, Justin Young, Robert Duvall and more.  Mixed in amongst the songs is musical score by British composer Timothy Williams.  Trained at the National Film and Television School in England and having worked at the BBC, films Williams has created musical score for have won over sixty awards.  Some of his scoring credits include I'm Not Ashamed, Debug, Walking with the Enemy, Red Sky and Diablo.

                The score of Wild Horses is mainly country western fare, featuring a harmonious mix of guitars and fiddles.  The only exception to this is Secrets and Lies, which features a resonating, deep, dark sound.  Perhaps we learn what happened to that missing young man here.  The songs of Wild Horses are mostly country, starting off with Where the Wild Horses Go by Kelly and James Adams and ending with a passable rendition of Cheyenne by Robert Duvall.  In between, there are a few surprises, like the blues track You Gonna Get Somebody Killed and the bluesy country track Save You.  This track, in particular, is my favorite and speaks to character reflection.  With the words ďonly you can save yourself from you,Ē the singer reminds the character that no one else can save him from the things he does.  The self-destructive behavior will only end up digging him a deeper hole that nobody else will be able to pull him from.  Only he can stop the self-destructive behavior.

                Wild Horses did not do well in theaters and didnít receive much love from critics, but I can honestly say that had nothing to do with the soundtrack.  The songs were enjoyable and I found myself playing repeat when the music was over.  I enjoyed this soundtrack and imagine I will listen to it again before the week is done.


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