by Melissa Minners

Some think of winter as a bleak and dreary time

They point out the long nights and bitter cold days

The chill that saps every ounce of energy they have

Winter depresses them in so many ways


Iím not the greatest fan of winter

To say that I was would be untrue

But I can see why there are some who love winter

In this most dreaded of seasons I can see virtue


Though I grumble about the bitter cold

And I long for the summer sunís glow

I still can find a beauty in this season

A beauty that I wish everyone could know


Like the beauty in newly fallen snow

Covering the world in a blanket of white

Pure in nature, clean in essence

Making what was once dreary, beautiful and bright


And the holidays celebrated in winter

Thereís a magical feeling in the air

Bringing with it love, joy and laughter

A sense of wonder is found everywhere


None can resist an act of kindness

And all are filled with festive cheer

A peaceful feeling settles upon us

One we wish could last all year


There is so much beauty in this season

In this poem I could not describe it all

Just look around you and take notice

When you see that first flake fall


Instead of grumbling in anger

At the snow falling from above

Before the shoveling begins

Take time to snuggle with someone you love


And while you share their warmth observe

As the flakes settle to the ground

The peace, the love, the magic of winter

A season whose merit has finally been found.


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