Artist: Crown Point

Distributed by: Crown Point

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The band known as Crown Point is an alternative/pop trio from Portland, Oregon.  Featuring Jon Davidson on vocals and guitar, Russell Stafford on vocals and guitar and Kaycee Kay on drums, Crown Point was formed in 2009 and was only a few months old when it began its first national tour.  Since then, the band has completed five national tours; shared the stage with a number of top artists like Matt Kearney, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Brendan James, Rehab and more; and attended a number of festivals, including SxSW Music Conference, Cornerstone, the Alaska State Fair, and MusicFest NW.  I recently had the opportunity to check out the band’s new EP, Wolves.

            Wolves features six songs with a definite pop/rock styling and a definite theme.  The first track, Back to You, is a somewhat optimistic love song in which the singer discusses his rocky relationship.  However rocky it may be, he believes that it is still worth being in: “Cause I still believe, / There’s something left for me and you, / There’s something more that I’ve gotta do, / Because I fall again, every time.”  The title track, Wolves, follows along the same vein of sorts.  This time, the couple is happy in love, but there are “wolves” around trying to destroy their perfect love.  Again, the singer is not willing to let go without a fight: “I will not, give up on you, / Even though you wanted. / And I will not give on you, / Even though all you want is to let go.”

            The next track, Lethal Dose, discusses the destructive nature of love.  Sound of Your Voice touches upon a love lost and the bitter silence and sadness it leaves in its wake: “Silence, silence is dreaming. / Quietly screaming of life and love undone. / Silence, silence is waiting. / Reiterating that life and loss are one.”  The next song, Easier Said Than Done discusses a need to walk away from love and how difficult the decision can really be: “Now I’m running away, running away. / Hard to leave, but harder to stay. / I’m running away, running away, / But it’s easier said than done, / To move on.”  The final track, Disappear, is another sad song about love lost.

            I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Wolves EP.  I knew that Crown Point had been around for a couple of years and had done some touring, but I wasn’t prepared for the polished sound of the band.  This band sounds as if it’s been playing for a decade and has their sound down pat.  Their sound reminds me of bands like Lifehouse, Daughtry, The Frey and The Script.  The songs on the EP are what you might expect to hear as background music on shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Bones.  My only complaint is the final song - Disappear is a tad off-key and not as enjoyable as the rest of the songs on the EP.

            Otherwise, I was totally unprepared for the polished band I heard on the Wolves EP and I’m excited to hear more from Crown Point, a Portland, Oregon band that is definitely going places!


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