Womenís Health Magazine

Published By: Rodale, Inc.

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            Iím a huge fan of this magazine.  I wait anxiously each month for the new issue to appear on the stand at the Barnes & Noble.  Itís a periodical that doesnít cost a lot of money and is chock full of information that is useful for just about every age category. 

            The magazine has new feature articles each month such as the month of May's ďLook Great NakedĒ (and who doesnít want that).  The cover is generally graced with one of the hottest celebrities and models, and typically a short story appears on how those individuals stay fit and healthy.  I think it's nice to get a perspective from the entertainment industry as it is almost a part of their job to look great. 

            The magazine is broken into several categories - weight loss, beauty and style, sex and relationships, fitness and smart moves.  The weight loss section contains information about foods you may want to avoid due to bad contents, as well as nutritional information about healthy foods and why they are better to consume.  I believe the staff really go out of their way to find something off the beaten path to make us feel good about eating great food in a healthy manner. 

            The exercise section is just phenomenal, each month there is a new and exciting way to enjoy your routine.  One of the new trends is using your own weight instead of equipment to get yourself into shape.  I found this interesting and really challenging. I tried the moving push-ups: you go down for one and come back up, and move to the right and go down again.  Not only was this hard, but it felt like I had lifted weights for about an hour.  Sore and fatigued, I did three sets but I suggest you start slowly. 

            I have one confession, I have not tried the recipes.  I try to use some the ingredients in my cooking that appear in the weight loss section, like avocados.  I think they look absolutely delicious, as a very tantalizing photo will appear next to the dish that had been prepared, and all I can think of is yum.  But since I am hooked on Cooking Light Magazine, that wins the recipe contest for the moment at least. 

            If you ask me, you cannot go wrong with this magazine.  The articles are not too long and are straight to the point.  I enjoy the little blurbs that spell out something quick that you might have noticed didnít need to take a whole page to explain, so Womenís Health does us all a favor and makes it short and simple. Being a young woman I know the value of a magazine that makes you feel better and look youíre best.  Cosmo isnít going to do that for you, but Womenís Health sure will.  Pick it up and check it out!!


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