World's Greatest Dad

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In World’s Greatest Dad, Robin Williams is Lance Clayton a writer who once dreamed of becoming a famous novelist, but settled for being a high school poetry teacher.  His son, Alex (Daryl Sabara), is an insufferable teenager who refuses to give Lance the time of day.  His girlfriend Claire (Alexie Gilmore) is the school’s art teacher and refuses to publicly acknowledge that they are dating.  Lance has made a career of simply settling, but a tragic accident which should be devastating the man, instead becomes one of the greatest opportunities for successful change he could ever imagine.

            The soundtrack of World’s Greatest Dad features some soundbites from the film and music by various artists, most notably Bruce Hornsby who appears on four of the fifteen tracks.  I have truly enjoyed Bruce Hornsby’s music in the past and was excited to listen to him on this soundtrack.  Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the songs he performs for this soundtrack.  The version of one of his most memorable hits, Mandolin Rain, is horrible and virtually unrecognizable.  He does a credible version of the song Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby, but I’ve heard better. 

            In fact, most of the songs on this soundtrack are songs that have been either performed better by other artists or are simply not all that memorable.  It’s A Good Day is a pretty good song, and decently performed on this album by Peggy Lee, another artist whose music I find to be rather enjoyable.  And yet, no one does that song better than Perry Cuomo.  The rest of the music, featuring artists like Deadly Syndrome, Inara George, Akron Family and Brenden Benson, is simply okay.  Nothing really stood out for me and I found myself simply waiting for the fifteen tracks to be over and done with.

            Perhaps the music goes well with the scenes in the film, but as a stand alone album, I found it to be uninspiring.  The World’s Greatest Dad Soundtrack is simply not worth my hard-earned money and I predict it is doomed to a rather long and dusty shelf-life.


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