Broadway Musical Soundtrack

Young Frankenstein

Music and Lyrics by: Mel Brooks

Produced By: Decca Broadway

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In 1974, Mel Brooks brought us an original comedy that re-imagined the legend of Frankenstein.  The story followed a young Dr. Frankenstein as he sets out to complete his grandfather’s work in bringing a corpse to life.  With the help of his deformed helper Igor and a vivacious lab assistant named Inga he succeeds, but not without some disastrous and quite funny consequences.  The movie starred Gene Wilder as the amazing doctor, Peter Boyle as the monster, Marty Feldman as Igor, Terri Garr as Inga and Madeline Kahn as Elizabeth, Frankenstein’s neglected socialite fiancé.  Young Frankenstein received rave reviews and numerous awards and has been a cult favorite of movie lovers everywhere.

            Now, Mel Brooks brings us a new incarnation of this movie classic to Broadway.  This new musical version of Young Frankenstein features Roger Bart (Desperate Housewives, The Producers) as Dr. Frankenstein, Shuler Hensley (Oklahoma) as the monster, Christopher Fitzgerald (Wicked) as Igor, Sutton Foster (The Drowsy Chaperone) as Inga and Megan Mullally (Will and Grace) as Elizabeth.  This rendition of Young Frankenstein is made even more hilarious thanks to addition of music and lyrics supplied by Mel Brooks. 

            Having seen the television commercials advertising Young Frankenstein the Musical, I was surprised.  I wondered why, after all of these years, Mel Brooks would remake his movie masterpiece.  Then I watched as Frankenstein and his monster performed the tune Puttin’ on the Ritz and burst out laughing.  Instantly, I knew what Mel Brooks had in mind – more laughs!  When I received the original Broadway cast recording, I had to laugh.  “This ought to be good,” I said to myself. 

            Might I say that it is no wonder that people are raving about Young Frankenstein the Musical.  This new fresh approach to the original movie hit is absolutely hilarious.  The lyrics are pure Mel Brooks, filled with sexual innuendo and hysterically funny.  When Frau Blücher sings about Frankenstein’s grandfather in He Vas My Boyfriend, I couldn’t help but laugh.  Please Don’t Touch Me, performed by Roger Bart and Megan Mullally is yet another funny song.  And yes, Puttin’ on the Ritz is still my favorite song in the musical.  Just listening to the lyrics elicits laughter, but imagine seeing these songs performed on stage, with the numerous props and actors expressions – yup, Mel Brooks has yet another hit on his hands.

            The Young Frankenstein Original Broadway Cast Recording comes complete with a book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan featuring information about the musical, song lyrics and numerous pictures of the cast in their roles.  This original cast recording of Young Frankenstein the Musical is a must have for Broadway musical aficionados.  But if you are just in need of a good laugh, Young Frankenstein the Musical may be just what the doctor ordered!  Check out the Original Broadway Cast Recording of the New Mel Brooks Musical: Young Frankenstein today!


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