Science Fiction

Searching for Life in the Zika-Free Zone

Written by: Brad Aiken

Published By: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Recently, I discovered that a science fiction author I enjoy had just published a short story on Amazon.  I couldnít wait to check it out and, thankfully, Mr. Aiken sent me a copy of Searching for Life in the Zika-Free Zone so I could do just that.

                We are introduced to a teenage boy trying to survive a man-made apocalypse.  When the Zika virus began to spread, the government took matter into its own hands, creating a mechsquito Ė a mosquito modified by nanites that would cross-breed with the Zika carrying mosquitos and destroy them.  Unfortunately, as is often the case, when the government messes with Mother Nature, we get horrific results.  The mechsquitos that were supposed to help mankind became swarms that could erase all flesh and meat from bones.

                This new world is terrifying for the teenage boy who has watched his younger sister and mother succumb to the swarms.  As the world begins to close around him and normalcy disappears from his life, the boy must make a decision Ė succumb to the disaster or fight against it to survive.

                I love that Brad Aiken writes his tales around real technology and events.  Scientists tried this once before with bees if you will remember.  They ended up creating a Killer Bee.  Nanites are not new technology, but there arenít many who understand or know about it.  I can see scientists trying to do just this sort of thing to prevent a disease and making a mess of it all.

                But this story isnít just about a scientific mess-up that has destroyed the world as we know it.  Itís about humanity and their reaction to it.  Some will give up, not even having enough hope for change.  Those with money will rise above it, but take no one else with them.  Those with fortitude will do all they can to survive. 

                Brad Aiken is an excellent writer with great descriptive talent.  I could actually picture what heís writing about in my mindís eye.  It would make for a great movie shortÖat least, thatís what my mindís eye tells me.  I really enjoyed reading Searching for Life in the Zika-Free Zone and canít wait to read more from Brad Aiken.


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