Musical Score By: H. Scott Salinas

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the political thriller, Zipper, hotshot federal prosecutor Sam Ellis (Patrick Wilson) has a bright future.  Finding himself being groomed for the position of Attorney General, Sam realizes he has a big problem Ė he canít seem to quell his desires for high-class escorts.  With his political career, not to mention his family life on the line, Sam finds himself on the edge of disaster.

                The musical score of Zipper was created by H. Scott Salinas, a graduate of Princeton University, where he studied classical and jazz.  He then attended Berklee College of Music, concentrating on scoring for film.  By 2002, Salinas became the youngest recipient of the Grand Prize in the Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition.  Since then, he has created songs and musical scores for a number of films, video games, television series and commercials, including The Square, The Newsroom, Spider-Man 3 The Video Game, Murder In the First and more.

                For this score, H. Scott Salinas and director Mora Stephens decided to equate the soul of Sam to a cello: ďWe sort of stumbled on the idea together of making the soul of Sam (our protagonist) be a cello.  And then we pushed further and asked, what if we used a cello choir? So we wound up recording eight celli arranged in a semi-circle as a choir. So we constantly shift from the choir to solo cello processed electronically in ways to disguise its natureÖThe cello concept got us very far into the film then we realized we needed to balance the dark romantic quality of the cello with something more noble, Sam's noble side that he ultimately abandons.  For that we choose a very small violin ensemble playing very delicately and that was just the contrast we needed to represent Samís honorable side. Also, there is a reoccurring theme played in distant electronic bells. This theme represents the subconscious tingling of addiction.  It seems harmless enough but its subtle persistence mirrors the desire bubbling up inside of Sam, a sirenís call from inside that void that can't be filled

                While I get the concept of the score, I really wasnít wowed by it.  In fact, I have listened to this score twice and still really canít say that any one track impressed me.  If anything, the music kind of put me off to even wanting to know what the film is about.  Quite honestly, I canít see anyone really wanting to own this score.  It may work well with the visuals of the film, but the Zipper Soundtrack just doesnít seem like the kind of movie score I would want to run out and buy, whether I was a fan of the film or not.


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